Utah Land Boundary Consultation

At Boundary Consultants, we do more than just stake your deed, we locate your boundary. When we survey your property, we are also surveying adjoining properties to identify any conflicts, and tp protect your land rights - as well as the adjoining land owner's property.

Land Boundary Consultation Services in Utah

Land boundary consultations in Utah can help in any number of situations including; determining the position of a reference point or monument, setting land disputes between neighbors, determining where buildings or roads need to be constructed, or even helping to prepare construction sites. Taking into account factors such as the curvature of the Earth, and other mathematical concepts, surveyors provide the data necessary for various projects. Land surveyors use GPS (Global Positioning System) tools which locate reference points and produce data. Typically when a piece of land or property is sold and construction begins, problems regarding boundaries may derive from out of date records or the unavailability of data. This is usually when a land surveyor would step in. Land surveyors will create maps and/or reports that will be presented to the company or individual who hired the surveyor.


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For over 25 years, Boundary Consultants have been the number one choice for land surveying in the state of Utah. Through extensive research and expert application, we offer a first-rate services at a reasonable price.

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