Historic Boundary Retracement in Utah

Historic Boundary Retracement is, in a sense, retracing a formerly done survey. A land surveyor retraces a historic boundary and analyzes evidence dating back to the 1800s to see what exactly needs to be completed. It is important for a boundary consultant to perform this because it is estimated that deeds are inaccurate at least 50% of the time.

Through proper analysis of historical documents relative to the original boundary and modern technology, a boundary surveyor is able to locate and correct the boundary if need be. The result is a boundary with modern documentation without ambiguity and uncertainty. Accuracy is vital during a retracement because otherwise a boundary may be left open to conflict and subsequent retracement attempts may run into difficulties.


Boundary Consultants for Boundary Retracement

Boundary Consults know inside and out all of the intricacies of retracing historic boundaries. We take the time to perform quality research that provides a quality retracement. Our experience in carrying out retracements has lent to a quality product that is expected by clients.

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