Deed and Title Research in Utah

Deed and Title Research is an important part of a land surveyor's work. Typically, land boundaries are a function of junior and senior title rights. However, unless you know the order in which these title rights are partial transferred, you won't be able to get the junior or senior rights correct. In many cases, the land surveyor will research a given property all the way back to patent in order to figure our who has senior right.

A patent is what was transferred from the federal government to a private hand. The United States government used to own everything in terms of property; from there, the government decided to divide out things to people. A patent is the record for this property ownership transfer.

Boundary Consultants for Deed and Title Research

We take pride in our work and research for property titles, and deeds is no different. With all of our years of experience we make sure that projects are done correctly and accurately the first time around.


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