Power Line Corridors in Utah

Power line corridors are an integral part of the transportation of electricity across various terrain. Typically, power line corridors reside in areas that are difficult to access, and as a result, can be tough to survey. Fortunately, with the use of modern surveying equipment, even the most difficult terrain can be surveyed quickly, safely, and at an affordable cost.

Boundary Consultants for power line surveys

Boundary Consultants Professional Land Surveyors has been serving power lines since 1994. As a Rocky Mountain Power vendor, we are experienced in all the procedures required in preparing land for construction. We use our state-of-the-art GPS systems and LiDAR scanners to provide results with reliable accuracy. With over 20 years of experience, we understand and know how to yield the results that are clients expect. Ask us how Boundary Consultants Professional Land Surveyors can help you on your next power line corridor project today.


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To learn more about our route survey services call us at 801-792-1569 or contact us. We have been performing land surveying services in Utah for over 25 years. Due to our quality and attention to detail, we are the #1 choice in land surveyors. We are available for quick questions and can quickly accommodate you if you'd like a bid. Fill out our free evaluation form.

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