Boundary Dispute Resolution in Utah

Boundary disputes often arise when the border between two individuals' property is unclear. It is not uncommon for boundaries to change and become obscure over time due to modifications made to one or more party's property. Generally a land surveyor will consult with clients as well as neighbors to explain the different principles of law that oversee boundaries. The goal is to reach an equitable solution to repair and fix title issues.

During a land surveyor's time, he or she will first see if any type of encroachment has taken place. These can include, but are not limited to, objects such as a fence or trees. A surveyor will typically attempt to reach a resolution between the parties while the situation can still be managed and the relationship in good shape. Often times the two parties will agree on a physical object, such as a fence, that marks the boundaries between the properties.



Choosing a land surveyor for dispute resolution

It is important for a surveyor to be well-versed in the principles of law that control boundary. Reaching a solution between two parties is vital in ensuring the recreation of borders goes smoothly. At Boundary Consultants , we understand and are prepared for the issues that boundary disputes may bring. With over two decades of experience, we possess the skills necessary to resolve disputes in a efficient and productive manner.

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