Condominium Plats in Utah

As with many other types of infrastructure , condominiums also contain plats. Typically, each unit in a condominium is determined by the air space surrounded by the walls, floors and ceilings. A legal description and survey is what generally defines the condominium lot. A condominium plat involves subdividing these units (air space) according to the criteria set out by state and local laws. Boundary Consultants Professional Land Surveyors is experienced in what it takes to perform all types of surveys and create the necessary maps.

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Having an eye for detail and accuracy is an important part of our philosophy. Whether you be looking for rezoning maps, route surveys or deed and title research, Boundary Consultants Professional Land Surveyors has got you covered. We are experienced in what it takes to perform land development surveys for condominium plats correctly and efficiently. Our cost-effective solutions are what makes us the best surveyors in the state of Utah.

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