Utah Construction Surveying

Boundary Consultants Professional Land Surveyors provides all types of construction surveying to our Utah clients. Typically, construction surveying involves staking out areas (knows as reference points) in accordance to a specific coordinate system; these coordinates help in the construction of new architecture, such as buildings or roads.

Boundary Consultants for Construction Surveying

Boundary Consultants Professional Land Surveyors is a full-service land surveying firm that provides a variety of construction surveys. We offer subdivision staking, slope staking, quality assurance surveys, quantity surveys and calculation, as-built surveys, building layouts and heavy construction control and monitoring. We believe in providing excellent services at a reasonable price, done correctly and on time. Don't hesitate to call us today.


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To learn more about our Utah construction surveying services call us at 801-792-1569 or contact us. We have been performing land surveying services in Utah for over 25 years. Due to our quality and attention to detail, we are the #1 choice in land surveyors. We are available for quick questions and can quickly accommodate you if you'd like a bid. Fill out our free evaluation form.

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