Utah Engineering Surveys

Boundary Consultants work closely with both engineering firms and architects to detect and locate encumbrances on your property. These may include, but are not limited to, trees, both underground and above ground utilities and existing improvements. These are all important factors to take into account because being aware of any encumbrances helps aid in design.

Boundary Consultants Surveys

Boundary Consultants Professional Land Surveyors in Utah performs the following types of engineering surveys;

  • Design: takes into account elements from geophysical, land and hydrographic surveys
  • Topographic: identifies the contours of the Earth's surface
  • Utility: identifies the network of certain utilities i.e. water, gas, etc.
  • As-built: ensures that an addition to a property has been built and conforms to codes or plans
  • Monitoring: monitors and gathers data about movement in the neighboring area

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